Emergency Phone no. - 0532-2407337, 2407430, 2408288, 2408292
E-mail - nazarethhospital@rediffmail.com, nazarethmultihospital@gmail.com
Pathology Laboratory

Round the clock laboratory services. Our Pathology Laboratory has been accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration of Laboratories), Quality Council of India, Govt. of India. Our lab is the 3rd in the city of Allahabad to get NABL Accreditation.

The pathology laboratory operates in various sections: -
  • Clinical Pathology & Serology
  • Hematology – All the haematological tests are carried out in Hematology analyser Cell Counter (5 parts)
  • Biochemistry – All the biochemical tests are carried out in Fully Automated Biochemistry Analysers – Randox Daytona & BS 200
  • Immunoassay – All the Immunological Assays are carried out in fully automated analyser Access 2 Beckman & Coulter.
  • Microbiology – Microbiological tests are carried out in BACTEC machine.
  • Histopathology