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Radiological Services

Department provides round the clock service to patients requiring radiological investigations. The X-ray department is built as per the guidelines prescribed by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) with 9 inches thickness of walls, 1.7 mm equivalence of Lead lining on doors and Lead view glasses.

Department of Radio-Diagnosis is well equipped with following instruments.


  • Fixed X-ray unit
    • 500 MA from Siemens and 600 MA from Siemens.
  • Mobile X-ray Unit
    • Multimobil 2.5 from Siemens and Nanomobil 2.5.
  • Computerised Radiography (CR) system Fuji dry fix.
  • All the X-Ray machines are been certified and approved by AERB.

CT Scan : The CT scan unit is outsourced with Kriti Scanning Centre, Prayagraj. The unit has 16 slices whole body spiral CT.