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Modular OT

The Operation Theatre complex of Nazareth Hospital is one of the finest Modular OT complex among the hospitals in the city of Prayagraj. Each OT is equipped with Laminar Air Flow, Pressure Relief Dampers, Centralized Air Cooling, Antibacterial paint on the walls and Antibacterial tiles on the floors, Hand sensor operated automatic Hermetically sealed doors, Auto-sensor scrub station and Hatch Boxes.

The OT complex is practically divided into THREE ZONES – Protective Zone, Sterile Zone & Disposal Zone.

The OT complex consists of 6 functional theatres and an Endoscopy or Bronchoscope Room. There are different theatres for different types of surgeries such as Ophthal/ENT, General Surgery, Gynecological Surgeries, Orthopedic Surgeries, Laparoscopic Surgeries and Septic OT for infected surgery cases.